Orange and Blue Action is an authorised distributor for Coensus-hr which offers the full suite of psychometric assessments from one of the world’s leading practitioners, Prevue-hr.

For more than 20 years, Prevue-hr has helped thousands of organisations across the world use science to take the guesswork out of recruiting.

The assessments were developed in the UK by occupational psychologists, Dr. David Bartram and Dr. Pat Lindley, who spent years refining every aspect of the assessments for Prevue, with more than 7 million online assessments undertaken to date.

Streamlining your recruitment process

Our Applicant Tracking System, Prevue APS Pro, is developed and used by organisations of all sizes and complexity, due to its robust features and affordable annual licencing cost.

Quickly publish your job postings to hundreds of job boards and social media channels, with one click of the mouse. Candidates apply for your positions and are screened and sorted instantly.

Everything a recruitment team needs to see, can be viewed from a single dashboard.

Assess to recruit

The assessments have been designed and then constantly developed to help improve the recruitment process and recruitment outcomes for organisations of all sizes and complexity – from start-ups to multi-national corporate giants.

We will help you identify the traits, personality and skills that make the ideal recruit for your role, before helping streamline your recruitment process, from writing the job description to offering suggested interview questions.

We’re offering a comprehensive solution that automates your recruitment efforts and frees up more time for you and your recruiting team to spend on the critical decision – who to employ.

The system we deliver will help you work out the characteristics of the ideal candidate, then help you find and screen candidates, whilst integrating psychometric job-fit tests into the process.

Then you’ll get important support at the interviewing stage before leaving you with all the important and appropriate information you need to recruit right first time, every time.

Assess for Success

Organisations that use Prevue job-fit tests typically experience a 50% decrease in staff turnover. The Prevue Assessment results ensure you will have the confidence to make recruitment decisions, safe in the knowledge the chosen candidate is the right person for the right role.

But it’s not just about candidates and recruiting. Undertaking assessments on your existing team, will help you better understand the General Abilities, Interests & Motivation and Personality of each individual, highlighting areas for improvement you can address in their personal development plan.

Once you know more about each member of your team, you not only make better decisions about their career development, but you have valuable insight into what traits you need to find in future candidates.

Our assessments will help you define what the ideal candidate must possess to replicate the success already within your team. By assessing the best performers in your team, we can help you set the benchmarks, by which all future recruiting decisions can be judged.

And when you find those with the potential to deliver more we can help you with the training that will help them realise their potential.