The role of a coach is often misunderstood. It’s not about supplying answers; it’s about helping others perform at their peak abilities. A coach helps an individual or team recognise their strengths and helps develop them.

Orange and Blue Action coaches understand their charges have the answers and it is their role to help the individual overcome their internal resistance, whilst giving feedback on behaviours that need changing and advice to help future development.

Professional coaches have so much more to offer and it’s never about fixing those that are broken.

Coaching to move forward

The executive coach will help those that have become stuck in their careers, to move again. In the right direction. This ability to guide individuals along a path from where they are, to where they want to be is central to the role of the coach.

Your coach will help you identify the new cognitive skills and capabilities you need to learn to help you progress. You will learn and develop new strategies for thinking and performing better under pressure.

Coaching for results

Engaging a professional coach requires you both work towards the same clear, achievable, resourced and agreed outcomes; it’s not about having the occasional chat, without actions or consequences.

Working with a qualified coach, you will begin to transform vague and ill-defined outcomes and desires into well-formed, achievable outcomes that will change your life at work and at home.

You will discover what you want, what will really make a difference and then visualise the positive outcomes from achieving this goal. Your coach will help you establish first the what, then the how.

The resources necessary to help you achieve your goal will be laid out before you and your coach will help you break it down into small steps. And as your coach, we will help you ‘own’ your goal and the actions required to achieve it.

You will understand the negatives of not achieving your goal, but we will help you visualise the benefits of a successful outcome. We will help you make progress and recognise the steps taken and the distance still left to travel.

And of course, perhaps most important of all, our experience as coaches will help you start, with a simple first step. Remember, never getting started at something is the easiest way to fail.

Let’s get you started

It’s likely you’re reading this because you know you need a little support to unstick yourself and help you move forward. Our coaches will listen carefully as you detail your current situation, at home, at work and in every aspect of your life.

Doing the same things day in, day out and expecting different results will only lead to growing frustration. It is why our coaches will help you brainstorm alternative options and think about things differently; you have the answers and you will just need a little help to recognise them.

You will set goals, identify the steps and resources you need, whilst developing your action plan. Then our role becomes one of ensuring you maintain momentum and stay on track, helping to minimise the risk of you being distracted or derailed from achieving your goals.

Having come this far, it’s a simple phone call or email to arrange a no-obligation conversation, typically involving coffee or tea, to explain how we can help.