Our assessment services will help you recruit right, first time and better understand the development needs of your people. But it is our training programmes that will unlock their potential.

Orange and Blue Action is a trusted partner of Leadership Management International UK. It is renowned for a range of personal development programmes that have delivered success to organisations of all sizes, in all sectors, for more than 50 years.

Whatever sector you operate in, your people are your biggest asset and we have the talent and the programmes to help ensure they can be all they can be.

Programmes that make a difference

LMI-UK has a well-deserved reputation for developing the leaders of tomorrow; the leaders an organisation needs to build long-term success.

We offer an extensive range of programmes, underpinned by expert coaching and facilitation. All are designed to inspire individuals and give them confidence in themselves and their abilities to become more effective at what they do.

Programmes and their delivery will be tailored to the specific needs of you, your people and your organisation. It’s what we do.

Training to lead and more

Once we understand what it is you hope to achieve, we will work with you to create a bespoke programme that will deliver the results you need and expect.

One of the most fundamental characteristics of successful organisations is their ability to adapt to change and overcome challenges quickly.

Whilst the challenges for different organisations, operating across different sectors will vary, the qualities that define the best leaders do not. And it is these high-quality leaders who will guide their organisations through their most difficult periods.

Before leading others, the most effective individuals first learn how to lead themselves to achieve more in their personal and professional life. Which is where Orange and Blue Action will help.

We will help you realise your true potential for personal leadership by developing the existing strengths of you and your people. Transforming attitudes and habits, we help individuals experience the joy of self-motivation, by understanding and overcoming the existing limits placed on yourself.

Programmes range from building better teams and helping people sell more, to making more effective use of your time and becoming the leader your organisation needs you to be. But whatever programme you select, you will get the same long-term commitment from our experienced facilitators.

Changing behaviours permanently

LMI-UK programmes, although innovative in their approach and content, are delivered using tried and tested ‘Action Learning’ techniques, with three core concepts central to their delivery: time, multi-sensory learning and spaced repetition.

Permanent change in the behaviours that hold individuals back requires time; an afternoon seminar or a 2-hour webinar will never deliver results close to those of the LMI programmes delivered over months, one-on-one, with comprehensive course materials.

When this proven approach to training and development is combined with personal coaching and facilitation, we believe we will deliver measurable results in a number of important areas, including:

  • Leadership, personal motivation and goal-setting
  • Increased personal productivity, profitability and sales
  • Improved organisational and people management skills
  • Clearer, more effective communication
  • Enhanced team development and empowerment
A look through the programmes we offer, will help you understand what’s available to help you unlock the potential within your people. But if you would rather have an in-depth discussion of your unique needs, please get in touch today.